Our manufacturing process starts with detailed discussion on design and functionality.  Listening to our clients is crucial, and our aim is to translate their ideas and priorities into a beautifully presented and completely functional space.

Using computer aided design software and knowledge that only comes with experience, we will create a design that meets every criteria presenting clients with professional 3D drawings and plans that will provide a clear picture of what their space will look like.


Based in Melbournes west, we have a dedicated team working towards providing excellence at every step in the manufacturing process.  From cutting out, machining, assembly, surface treatment and the finishing touches, everything is done in house and overseen by our directors Guido Steding and George Skevofylakas.

Our customers can take comfort knowing that the owners of the business are running the business, and these are the people who will keep you informed every step of the way.  You can also be sure you are getting a product that is manufactured in Australia.  We pride ourselves on using materials sourced and where possible also manufactured in Australia.  This means we can proudly carry the Australian made Logo on all of our products.


By the time our projects are installed, our clients have already had the opportunity to view it fully assembled in our factory.  We believe in keeping installations as efficient as possible and with minimal interruption.  Every effort is made to ensure our clients are completely happy with the final product prior to delivery.

Installation is performed by the Steding Interiors team, so once again you can take comfort in knowing the people installing your cabinetry are the people who designed and built it.