How to Cost Your Kitchen

Ever wanted to just be able to get an idea on price? 

At Steding Interiors we’ve been able to simplify our quoting process and can offer our potential customers the opportunity to estimate the cost of a Custom Made Steding Kitchen. All you need is a tape measure and anyone can calculate the price of a new kitchen using our lineal metre rates. 

Refer to the attached drawing for an example on how to measure your kitchen. Note that in a typical run of joinery you may have under bench, overhead and full height cabinetry as well as a freestanding island bench. With a maximum height of 2400mm, each section is measured individually to obtain the total number of lineal metres. Simply multiply the quantity of lineal metres by the relevant rate and that’s all there is to it. Remember these lineal metre rates have been calculated as an average price per metre across most standard kitchens and will factor in appliance spaces as part of the overall measurement. 

Also keep in mind that we are Custom manufacturers and while it’s great to have these lineal metre rates they are a guide only and we have the flexibility to mix and match features and styles to create a kitchen that is completely personal and unique. 

Note:- Lineal metre rates are for cabinetry only and do not include design consultation and supply of drawings, appliances, fixtures and fittings, benchtops or splashbacks, tiling, painting or flooring. 

Also note:- A maximum cabinet height of 2400mm applies to all lineal metre rates.

Laminate Kitchens

Standard Laminate with Handles 

$ 880.00 plm Inc GST 

Hi Gloss Laminate with finger pull

$ 1,155.00 plm Inc GST

MDF Spray Painted Kitchens

Flat Panel – Handles

$ 1,320.00 plm Inc GST

Flat Panel – Finger Pull

$ 1,530.00 plm Inc GST

Hampton / Shaker Style Kitchens

Overlay construction

$ 1,760.00 plm Inc GST

Standard Face Frame

$ 2,195.00 plm Inc GST

Premium Face Frame

$ 2,390.00 plm Inc GST

Country Farmhouse / Traditional English Style Kitchen (Face Frame Only)

Overlay construction

$ 1,980.00 plm Inc GST

Standard Face Frame

$ 2,475.00 plm Inc GST

Premium Face Frame

$ 2,695.00 plm Inc GST

French Provincial Style Kitchen

Premium Face Frame

$ 3,025.00 plm Inc GST