Face frame cabinets

Face frame or Overlay (Frameless)? What is the difference?

Face frame cabinetry is when a frame is fixed to the front of the carcass and the door or drawer front sits within a frame. Overlay or frameless cabinetry, is where the door or drawer front sits over the carcass edge. Commonly used in more
contemporary joinery.

A face frame provides strength to the front of the cabinet, but it is also a visual feature in traditional joinery.  This method of construction requires accuracy to ensure gaps are even and leaves no room for error.

Similar to a five piece door, our face frames are constructed by joining vertical stiles and horizontal rails together with timber dowels. Doors can have an exposed or concealed hinge.

A common misconception is that you will lose valuable cabinet space in a face frame cabinet construction.  The fact is, the loss of width is very minor and shouldn’t deter traditionalists from incorporating inset cabinets in their kitchen design.