The Steding Difference

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship there is a reason why discerning car buyers choose a Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. People buy a prestige car based on its reputation for superior quality, and reliability. Now, anyone can take a Mercedes badge and put it on a Kia, and at first glance some might think they’re looking at a great product but only people who appreciate the passion and hard work that has gone into manufacturing a luxury car will be able to sort the superior from the average. 

At Steding Interiors & Joinery, this is how we feel about our product. We only build a certain number of kitchens and bathrooms each year. For those clients we provide highly crafted furniture built using traditional joinery methods that have been developed and tested over centuries. Shaker or frame constructed doors and drawer fronts, face frame or inset cabinetry and solid timber dove tail drawer boxes are traditional construction methods that have been tried and tested and with years of practise we have manufacturing processes that ensure quality and consistency. We have fully qualified tradespeople crafting joinery with meticulous attention to detail. 

Near enough is not good enough, and imitation is not an alternative when you’re looking for exceptional joinery for your home.

The Shaker Style Door

Developed originally by the Shaking Quakers in the 1700’s, this construction technique has stood the test of time and is known for its simplicity as well as its strength and durability. Suitable to most kitchen styles the Shaker door can be kept simple with its clean crisp edges and square profile it fits perfectly in an elegant Hampton style Kitchen. Dress it up with beading or a detailed profile for a more decorative Country or French Provincial look.

Face frame cabinets

Face frame or Overlay (Frameless)? What is the difference?
Face frame cabinetry is when a frame is fixed to the front of the carcass and the door or drawer front sits within a frame. Overlay or frameless cabinetry, is where the door or drawer front sits over the carcass edge. Commonly used in more contemporary joinery. 

Solid Timber Dove Tailed Drawer boxes

Proudly manufactured using traditional joinery methods. Many of our kitchens feature solid timber dovetailed drawer boxes. Manufactured in house we hand craft each join with respect to traditional joinery techniques. A perfect cut and seamless join demonstrates superior craftmanship, which makes solid timber dove tail drawer boxes the perfect choice in any traditional kitchen.

Exposed v Concealed Hinges

Exposed hinges are a great way to add character to a traditional face frame kitchen. The use of exposed hinges requires attention to detail and precise work to maximise the strength and durability of the doors function. Exposed hinges feature in many of our kitchen styles from the simple yet elegant Hampton or Shaker style to the more decorative Country or French Provincial style. Concealed hinges feature more commonly in more contemporary kitchens but are still widely used in traditional joinery applications.

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